The Science Of God

Volume 1 - The First Four Days

Astrophysics Theory

Is there a God? Did we evolve? Did everything start from a big bang? These questions have been plaguing our minds for many years. Only science-minded people and clergy seem to have the answers. But do they really have any true answers? Is what we are told by science true? Is what we are told by the Church true? Or are there other better explanations for everything? Did we hitch a ride from Mars, or is that all fantasy science? Was everything Created in six twenty-four hour days, or did it all take billions of years to happen?

The Science of God challenges your current beliefs while asking tough questions of science and of the Church. For years, Christian after Christian has attempted to argue for God and the Bible’s Creation only to fail miserably. Why is this, why is it that Christians cannot seem to win this debate? Often Christians think they are winning the debate only to find themselves at a loss to answer the real questions, and then they get mocked for their poor answers.

Whether you are a scientist or an average Christian and want to discuss the Creation debate, The Science of God is a mandatory read for you. The Science of God takes you through the thought process to enable you to speak intelligibly about Creation, the cosmos, evolution, and astrophysics.
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